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Communication Aims Impact

Communications is about impact. We all know this on a personal level. We never communicate without a reason at all. But when doing corporate communications, public relations, or marketing communications, we seem to forget this.

We just focus on putting one more product out there, one more activity, one more output. But our work is not about outputs. Our work is about outcomes and impact.

We generally try to change something. Whether that is a change in information, attitude or behaviour. Or we try to defend against such a change.

Change in information, change in attitude and change in behaviour and how they map to AIDA, awareness, interest, desire and action

The best advice anyone can give about our profession is “being impact-focused”. Be mindful of your endgame. Focus on your targeted impact. Do not put there another story, another case study, another blog post, another whatever.

Know why you are putting that out there and make damn sure that piece is working for its target and your endgame.

Communicating for the sake of itself is hogwash.